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All of our race fairing kits are made using Fibreglass.

Over 30 years of maufacture we have developed a balance of strength, weight and durability, we achieve this using 450 GSM chopped strand fibreglass. Our kits are manufactured using an outer gel coated finish, this is ideal to be flatted or keyed and then painted directly onto. Through experience we have found that strengthening the kits in vulnerable areas produces a better product and more longevity. The final layer in the manufacture is layed up using the chopped strand, this is multidirectional and gives us the ideal balance in weight and strength.

Pro range - New for 2015 we now offer our Pro range of kits, we have made to this specification for some time now for the Superbike Teams and the classic restoration scene, this was only by request and is now available across our complete range.These kits are made using the same gel outer layer and strengthening, but are then laid first in 300 GSM chopped strand and then in a 150 GSM fibreglass weave. The weight of the kit is the same, but we end up with a much stronger kit, and with a uniform weave finish on the interior.

Colour kits - We offer the option of colour on all of our race kits, these are kits made using coloured materials and not a spray painted finish. We use a double gel outer layer which gives a much stronger depth of colour, we also lay up the kit using the matching coloured resin. These kits can have light scuffs and scratches polished out and stone chips are not so visable. Please remember this is a kit made using coloured materials and as such will not give the finish of a spray painted kit. It is designed a cost effective alternative to spray painting.

When ordering coloured kits please specify your colour choice in the notes section during checkout.