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Suzuki SV650 M2 1999-2013

Race fairing kit for Suzuki SV650 1999-2013

Complete kit comprises of two piece front fairing and seat unit

Derived from a Moto 2 design , the SV650 M2 kit is designed to be the lastest up to date kit available for the SV650

Name Price Qty
SV650 M2 fairing kit £300.00
Coloured gel and resin finish £70.00
SV650 M2 fairing only £200.00
SV650 M2 seat unit only £100.00
SV650 M2 race screen £49.00
SV650 M2 Tall TT screen £69.00
SV650 Aluminium front subframe £100.00
SV650 Aluminium rear subframe £140.00
SV650 Aluminium side mounting kit £40.00
Battery Box front cylinder mount £40.00
SV650 Engine cover protectors £70.00
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